Saturday, March 7, 2009

bathing apes....

Usually before a show, you have to try to find a way to kill time. We basically don't know how to do that as of yet. The absolute best part of being backstage before a show is hearing the fans scream SOREAL CRU, that still gets us every time.

Me and Jackie have a class today @ Revolutions if you are in the Houston area. The class is already sold out but if you want to come through and chill that would be off the chains!

Will be back later for some new updates!




Jopet said...

um...what was the name of your song that you taught?

Phi said...

Hey SRC..thank you so much for coming on ABDC and posting the videos on youtube!! you have inspired my crew and I so much to do what we love which is dancing. Keep going hard whatever you guys are doing next. Hopefully we get to meet u guys in the future. Our blog is its nothing much rite now but we are working on it. ^.^


George MR SAF Naiwo said...

you guys are crazy and creative...

a true inspiration for as a dancer and up coming clothing line CEO.

keep doinng your thing.


MostWanted Cru said...

You guys should have one over here in Mssachusettes,Gardner i would like to learn the move if you wanna routin and the pop champan and the THE BOUNCE routin